On Thursday this week at Linaro Connect 2014 Cavium demonstrated a high performance implementation of ODP-IPSec packet processing on a Cavium MIPS SoC on both Linux-Userspace and Bare Metal runtime environments. The demo was able to produce 40GB/s IPSec ESP processing.

ODP Event Image

Video courtesy of armdevices.net


Demonstrate the performance effective implementation of ODP-IPSec packet processing on Cavium SoC on Linux-Userspace and Bare Metal runtime environments.


  • IPSec ESP Processing (Authentication and Cipher)

  • 40G Line rate

  • Linux User Mode environment support

  • Bare metal environment support

  • Tunnel Mode

  • AES-CBC Cypher ( RFC 3602)

  • HMAC-SHA1-96 Authentication (RFC 2404)

  • Policy Management

  • Multiple SA support

Test setup

Following diagram depicts the test setup. Following topology has been chosen to demonstrate the maximum throughput capability of CN68XX IPsec processing(40Gbps).

Hardware Description:

Cavium IP Sec Image

Device Under Test (ODP-IPSEC App) receives clear UDP packets and does the ESP IPSec packet processing (AES Ciphering and SHA1 authentication) in Tunnel mode and sends the packets back on the same interface at 40G line rate.

Cavium Demo 1 Image

Cavium Demo 2 Image

Cavium Demo 3 Image

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