Version 0.2 of ODP is now available. It can be downloaded from .

This is the second developmental release for ODP includes following key updates:

  • Network packet I/O multi queue support;

  • Locking improvements and rwlock implementation;

  • Project directories reorganisation;

  • Added queue operations and scheduling;

  • Initial timer support;

  • Huge page support;

  • Linux generic for Octeon and Powerpc support;

  • Fixed arm related bug against odp-0.1;

  • Netmap for network packet I/O support;

  • Application I/O type selection (raw sockets, packet mmap, netmap) without recompilation;

  • Network packet headers parsing and checksum helpers;

  • Port libpcap to support odp queues for incoming packets;

Please refer to for API documentation and other project related links.