Linaro Connect USA 2014 - September 18, 2014 journalist Nicolas Charbonnier interviews Orange Sr. Research Scientist Dr. Christos Kolias and Raj Murali, Director of the Linaro Network Group on LNG Networking & Demo Day at the Connect event. The interview focuses on discussion about network functions virtualization (NFV), software defined networking (SDN), and OpenDataPlane (ODP).

Dr. Kolias explains the motivations and goals of the NFV project while Mr. Murali discussed the state of the ODP project and how it relates to the wider goals of NFV and SDN.  The OpenDataPlane project provides an efficient abstraction layer to permit data plane applications to run portably across a wide variety of networking SoC platforms and processor architectures while still exploiting the various acceleration and offload features of those platforms.  Mr. Murali also discussed the OpenDataPlane demonstrations showcased at Linaro Connect 2014.  ODP v1.0 is scheduled for delivery at the end of 2014.

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) envisions and promises to change the service provider landscape and has emerged as one of one of today’s significant trends. Although less than two years old, NFV has garnered the industry’s full attention and support. Moving swiftly, a number of key accomplishments have already taken place, and a lot more work is currently under way within ETSI NFV while we are embarking on its future phase. Various proofs-of-concepts (ranging from vEPC to vCPE, vIMS and vCDN) are being developed while issues such as open source and SDN are becoming key ingredients as the can play a pivotal role.


Dr. Christos  Kolias – Senior Research Scientist

Christos Kolias is a senior research scientist at Orange Silicon Valley (a subsidiary of Orange). Christos is a co-founder of the ETSI NFV group and had led the formation of ONF’s Wireless & Mobile working group. He has lectured on NFV and SDN at several events. Christos has more than 15 years of experience in networking, he is the originator of Virtual Output Queueing (VOQ) used in packet switching. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UCLA.

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On Thursday 18th September, the Linaro Networking Group (LNG) is inviting people to attend a day of sessions focusing on accelerating the support of ARM within networking. Dr Christos Kolias, Senior Research Scientist at Orange kicks off the day with an address on Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), how this promises to change the service provider landscape and how it has emerged as one of today’s significant trends. Demos of the latest developments, including implementations of the OpenDataPlane (ODP) on hardware accelerated platforms will complement sessions on topics such as improving performance by keeping the kernel out of the way, LAVA and VLANs, and LTE EPC.

Mr. Raj Murali - Director, Linaro Networking Group (LNG)

Raj has lead semiconductor and platform development teams for more than a decade in his 25 years of technology career. While at Phillips, he was responsible for the ReUse technology group which built IPs and subsystems used in DTVs, Mobiles and CE semiconductor products across the company’s product portfolio. He proceeded to lead the System LSI group at Samsung, Bangalore. His team was involved in the development of hardware and software components for Samsung’s Exynos series SoCs and related open-source platforms. He also represented the company at Linaro in the initial years. Prior to his work in the semiconductor industry, Raj has worked in the area of Industrial Automation and Controls. He brings a rich experience of building teams which have consistently delivered complex technology solutions in a multi-partner environment.


Linaro is a collaborative engineering organization and our mission is to bring together the electronics industry and the open source community to work on key projects, deliver great tools, reduce industry wide fragmentation and redundant effort, and provide common software foundations for all.

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Dr Christos Kolias of Orange and Raj Murali of Linaro talk Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)