ODP-API and the linux-generic model implementation

Functional API test implementation that requires only a recent Linux kernel. This implementation can form the starting point for a new platform specific high performance implementation, providing hardware acceleration and/or optimized libraries.


An example of a specific platform implementation intended for high performance of ODP, in this case ODP in implemented using the DPDK libraries and targets X86 processor optimizations.


Discussions on adding hardware acceleration to the popular openVSwitch application using the ODP framework.

Validation tools

There is a comprehensive suite of validation scripts that build ODP or validate patches intended for ODP at /lng/check-odp.git.

The apply-and-build.sh is particularly useful for testing a suite of patches before posting them for inclusion in ODPt. The help page for apply-and-build can be seen with “./apply-and-build.sh –help” but generally you need just the PATCH_DIR setting to point at the patches to be tested.


This mailing list is used for issues and announcements for the check-odp tool kit used for testing ODP repositories locally before submitting patches. Also by the CI builds for the ODP master and api-next branches.